Corneal / External Diseases



The cornea is the clear front windshield of the eye. It is responsible for two-thirds of the focusing power of the eye.  If the cornea is damaged or irregular from injury or disease it can cause significant loss of vision.


Conditions that affect the Cornea

If the cornea becomes damaged and vision is limited, a corneal transplant may be done to help restore some sight.

For more information on Corneal Transplants, click here.  Also, click here to visit the American Academy of Opthalmology’s Eye Smart website to learn more about various corneal diseases.

What To Expect At Your Corneal Evaluation:

A corneal evaluation will encompass everything that our comprehensive eye exam does plus several additional tests:

  • Orbscan corneal scanning
  • Ultrasound pachymetry
  • Endothelial cell count

Please allow 90 to 120 minutes for this examination.

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