LASIK Results

theresultsLASIK eye surgery is highly effective at reducing dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Most of our patients no longer need glasses or contacts after their procedures.

LASIK is quick, has a very short recovery time and is very rarely associated with discomfort lasting more than a few hours on the day of the procedure. Most people return to normal activities the following day, and fewer than 1% experience complications. In the unlikely event that your treatment does not achieve the desired correction, a second procedure (called a retreatment) can usually be performed.

As with any surgical procedure, LASIK does carry some risks. The degree of visual improvement may vary among individuals. Some individuals may experience slightly longer healing times. It’s important to note that successful LASIK patients may still need reading glasses later in life.

At Moyes Eye Center you will find that we have spared no expense in the equipment or technology we use to perform your surgery. From our selection of diagnostic equipment, to the laser devices we use, we have chosen technology that nearly eliminates risks. All of our doctors are laser vision correction patients themselves, and you will receive the same quality treatment that was performed on their own eyes.